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Which Australian Casinos Manually Shuffle BlackJack,

I noticed Star City in Sydney is now using CSM ( continually shuffling machines ) , as opposed to the traditional manual shuffle once the shoe is almost empty... - Is there any Australian Casinos that use the Manual traditional Shuffle ? ( yes I'm learning to count cards )
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I made an automated bone meal casino bc I've seen manual ones on some servers but never one like this. It's probably been done before. The price to play is one diamond and the reward is two diamonds per flower.

I made an automated bone meal casino bc I've seen manual ones on some servers but never one like this. It's probably been done before. The price to play is one diamond and the reward is two diamonds per flower. submitted by StealthCloak to Minecraft [link] [comments]

Purchase or Manually do Casino Heist Preps?

I have done the heist a bunch of times in the past 1-2 weeks and was wondering is it would be more efficient to buy the necessary optional preps. Thanks!
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Can’t bet on Pass Line and Don’t Pass on Come out Roll on Aruze Machines

I saw a strategy on YouTube that requires betting on the pass line and don’t pass on the come out roll and then laying odds on don’t pass when the point is set.
I couldn’t place a bet on the pass line and don’t pass on the come out roll on the Aruze machine last night. It would only let me choose one or the other.
Is this standard on Aruze machines or did the casino manually take that function away from the machines?
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Permainan Live Games Adalah Permainan Casino yang di Jalankan Secara Manual, agar para Pecinta Casino / Live Games lebih nyaman untuk bermain, dan dapat melihat setiap permainan yang unik yang di jalankan dengan manual ( Tanpa Mesin dan Tanpa Kecurangan ).

Permainan Live Games Adalah Permainan Casino yang di Jalankan Secara Manual, agar para Pecinta Casino / Live Games lebih nyaman untuk bermain, dan dapat melihat setiap permainan yang unik yang di jalankan dengan manual ( Tanpa Mesin dan Tanpa Kecurangan ). submitted by Intanvina to u/Intanvina [link] [comments]

Guides on How to Win at Online Satta Matka

Internet casino guide are illegal in certain regions on earth because they bring maximum earnings being exported to overseas nationals. As an instance in the Prince Edward Island the internet casino aren't to be enlarged as ordered by the authorities because they remove $50,000 yearly. This may ruin the market of the nation hence playing with online casino guide for leisure functions must be prevented along with other leisure activities like gardening, cooking etc need to be created as a custom.
However, in UK thankfully a few of the registered websites are permitted to play with the online casino guide.
Video slots have been played nearly by every body across the world. There's not any nation that isn't playing online casino guide. Hence online casino has been created in each of the languages.
A few of the sites are being contained more casino manual. For instance a company called micro blogging has included new matches for their current websites using a instrument called as speedy Fire.
Theater in India
In India these casino manual are all performed with upper class people just. Other men and women aren't certain about the gambling laws and think of it as an offence. However, with the dawn of the internet casino consciousness has been made among the users.
Now-a-days almost all of the kids play this kind of games. In very major shopping malls that a distinct place is there for playing internet casino manual for part of amusement. They aren't casinos but a sort of amusement center where folks relax after the purchasing is completed.
These aren't merely very good entertainment but also a fantastic stress releaser. One or two match of casino will refresh the weary mind and assists to regenerate the entire life. Thus playing casinos is actually great but just for the restricted times.
visit website Satta Matka
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Playtech Manual for Casino Beginners

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Why are there Casino Heist outfits that feature Biker Sport Jackets with Utility Vests but we can't do equip them manually? Seriously, this thing doesn't make any sense

Just like there are some other outfits limited to CEO organization that aren't even available normally and have to glitch everything.
Please, for the next update, improve the whole clothing system!
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7/1/2021 Weekly GTA Online Bonuses

New Content:
Double GTA$ and RP Activities:
Discounted Content:
Time Trial:
RC Bandito Time Trial:
Twitch Prime Bonuses:
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Bitsler Casino Strategy 2020 Manual Double Your Balance

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Official Cayo Perico Heist DLC Megathread!


Well, it's here, the official, full length trailer for the new DLC.
Link to Newswire post.
" Cayo Perico is not only the nerve center of El Rubio’s drug empire, but the island also plays host to his other great love: marathon dance parties on golden beaches, where everyone from jetsetters and heiresses to legendary music producers gather to rave until the sun comes up.
But away from the beach’s earthly delights lies an untold fortune in art, gold and drug money, scattered across the island. It’s the score of a lifetime for those who can find a way in.
The Cayo Perico Heist is the biggest GTA Online adventure ever and will be available on December 15th. Stay tuned for more details, and check out the lineup for The Music Locker, Los Santos’ hottest new underground club that’s opening soon."

Information released on new radio stations and artists on December 10th!

Link to Newswire post
"Alongside the grand opening of The Music Locker and its new slate of resident DJs, GTA Online’s musical universe further expands at the launch of The Cayo Perico Heist with the addition of three new radio stations, as well as brand new mixes arriving on hit stations FlyLo FM and Worldwide FM, for a whopping total of over 250 new tracks, making this the biggest ever musical update to GTA Online."

Link to Discussion Thread on the New Dance Club

Link to the Tweet
Link to Newswire Article

We will be restricting all discussions of this DLC here, so as not to flood the sub with repetitive posts.

Other important links:
Weekly Simple Question Thread
Weekly Update Thread
Wiki Guide Writers Needed!
Upcoming Crew Event on December 15th!
Upcoming Charity Event!

Important information about gtaonline on the Cayo Perico DLC release day.

On December 15th we will be locking the sub, and all posts will have to be manually approved by the moderators. The reason is to control the flood of posts regarding the new DLC.
We will have a new Megathread up that morning for posts regarding the DLC, and most posts regarding the new DLC will be removed and directed to the Megathread.
The Megathread will be regularly updated throughout the morning of the DLC release with links to official information, and any important info on the DLC that comes out, like when the update is live for each platform, the payouts, vehicles, costs, etc... and may have a sticky post dedicated solely to the cost of the new vehicles, properties, etc...
Expect the lock-down of the sub to happen around, or slightly before, 5AM EST on the 15th.
We expect there to be hundreds of posts or more per hour that morning, so it may take the mods a bit of time to go through and approve posts that aren't DLC related, so we ask for some patience that day.

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Automatic card shufflers

My partner and I play a lot of zombicide which requires a lot of shuffling and the game play benefits from having the decks properly randomized. We play other games as well but zombicide is the current lockdown obsession.
Downside - we both have physical disabilities that mean while we can shuffle, it's painful for both of us and it's a downer.
We both have pretty decent jobs and the cost of a card shuffler that will do the job isn't super an issue - like I don't want to buy a car, I'm fine to buy an expensive one. The only real factors that matter are not trashing the cards, and being quiet. Not looking for a hand cranked one either - that would be almost as bad for chronic pain stuff for both of us.
Can anyone reccomend something? Everything that gets good reviews from google or amazon seems really noisy. Looked at this one which is probably close to as much as I'd want to pay - but the youtube videos of people reviewing it with the top lid open still seem pretty noisy. Any advice would be great.
[edit] I really appreciate people who are trying to help with suggestions of alternative ways that we could shuffle cards. But I promise, I’ve lived with my disability and been a game nerd for a pretty long time, I’ve tried a lot of different ways to manage this and I have a bunch of kind of ok but not great options already. I’m kind of old now with a good job and a partner with a good job and we’re ok with throwing money at buying something.
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I love black jack only play hand shuffled I win more then i lose In on my way to San manual right now I usually clean them out win 2 or 3 grand a night only of its hand shuffled fuck auto and continuous Shuffler, my casino does special hand shuffled tables Fridays and Saturdays pay out 3 - 2

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kiddion's on main

is it safe to use kiddion's on main account to god mode through cayo perico heist and maybe spawn some cars? won't add money and grief other players
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Accuse me of stealing? You will lose everything

First post...be kind! This happened way back in the dark ages, 1986. I was 21 at the time and working for a gas station that was associated with a certain grocery store chain in Washington state. It was owned by a company not affiliated with said chain, but had locations at nearly every one.
As this was long before the days of debit cards, this was a cash only gas station. We didn’t even take credit cards. Customers would pull up, pump their gas and then come to my window to pay. We also sold cigarettes. No drinks, no snacks...customers couldn’t even get into my booth. I had been working there about a year when the company announced it was closing the location. My manager and I were offered positions at another location upstate and we both accepted. We moved our respective families and started our new jobs. As new hires (ugh).
This station was incredible busy. We did more business in 8 hrs than my old location would do in a week. This location also had a different set up: here you would pull into the station from a single entrance, pump your gas, and then drive forward to a single exit where the “Pay Here” booth was located. There were always 2 cashiers on duty. Each cashier had a cash drawer.
One thing I should note, there were also no computers. So closing the drawer down between shifts was timing consuming and tedious. We had to manually count the cigarettes remaining, and count the cash drawers. We would fill out an end of shift report listing the starting balances and the ending balances. We also had to list the gallons sold from each pump. At the end of the shift the total of gallons sold and the total cigarettes sold should equal the cash balance. It is important to note here that not once in the year I had worked for the previous location had I been off by more than 10 cents.
The following morning after my first shift I was informed by the manager that I was short $50. Impossible I said, I balanced out yesterday. He said that I must have stolen that money after I had completed the paperwork. I just looked at him and said, no I didn’t. He gave me a verbal warning and said if it happened again I would be fired and the stolen money would be deducted from my paycheck this week.
In the 5 days that followed I realized quickly the manager was up to something. My old manager who was just another worker now, was also accused of stealing. As was one other new employee. I can’t vouch for the other employee but I’m pretty sure she did nothing wrong. The employees that had been there awhile were never accused of anything. I did some checking and found out this manager was relatively new (had only been there about 6 months) and the other cashiers had been here before him. Only new cashiers were being accused of stealing. And that location had been having “stealing problems” for about 6 months and the turnover was high with the new employees.
I came to work at 6am on a Monday only to be told I was being fired. For cause. The manager accused me of taking $500 out of my drawer the previous Friday. He said he only discovered it this morning (even though he had worked Sat and Sun). I said ok and left. I was pretty angry and instead of going home, I parked in the grocery store parking lot and proceed to settle in to watch the gas station. I knew that at 9am sharp, he would take the cash in the safe and make the weekend deposit. At 9am he left the gas station and headed to the bank. But instead of walking into the bank, he walked into the Indian “casino” next door. It’s not really a casino like we think of today, but more of a betting parlor for the races. It did have slot machines, but no card tables.
I think “Well, this is interesting”.
He comes out of the casino at exactly 10 am, walks next door to the bank, does his business and then heads back to the gas station. I head home with a plan.
Every morning I follow him from the gas station to the casino. I take a picture of him leaving, and one of him arriving at the bank and walking into the casino. I take pictures of him coming out and then heading to the bank. I do this for 5 days straight. He even went on Saturday. On day 3 my old manager was fired for “stealing” $150.
I get the film developed (no digital camera in the dark ages) note the times and dates on the back of each one. Then I call the main office of the gas company. It’s after 5 but I’m hoping someone is there. And there is. I speak to a woman and explain my situation and she says she knows exactly who I should speak to and transfers me. By some grace of God, she has transferred me to none other than the President/CEO of the company!
I tell him my story and tell him I did NOT steal from his company and could prove who actually did. He took down my information and said he would be in touch. I’m thinking to myself “yeah right”. The next morning I went to the station to perform my usual observation of the manager. At 9am he leaves for the “bank”. At 10 am he comes out. At that moment 2 stern looking gentlemen approach him. One pulls out his wallet and shows him something. The other one is talking. The manager goes pale and takes a step back. Next thing I know he is being escorted to a car I hadn’t noticed and they drive off. I lose them at a traffic signal so I head back to the station. They all show back up about 5 min later, and a few minutes after that a police cruiser pulls in. The officer talks to the stern gentleman and proceeds to place the manager in handcuffs. The other man says nothing but is glaring daggers at the manager.
The President called me later that after noon and informed me that the manager had been arrested for embezzlement (turns out that in 6 months he had managed to steal about $5k). He would take the store cash into the casino and gamble with it; if he won, he would make the normal bank deposit. If he lost, he would make the deposit and note in his records that we had been short the previous day. The CEO had already been focusing on that location because of the stealing and high turnover rate, but my information helped them figure out what exactly had been going on.
I was thanked and sent a substantial check as a reward. My old manager was offered the manager’s job and I was offered my old job back. I declined as I had already found another job that I liked more and paid better. The gambling manager was sentenced to 1 year in jail and ordered to attend counseling for his gambling addiction. His wife divorced him and took their 3 children to California. His house was foreclosed on and he ended up in a homeless shelter.
Don’t accuse me of stealing. I will get revenge.
Thank you for the likes and awards!
Update 2: this was my first post and I really didn’t expect all the awards. Thank you!
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Lost in the Sauce: Barr's DOJ shut down investigations of Trump and admin officials

Welcome to Lost in the Sauce, keeping you caught up on political and legal news that often gets buried in distractions and theater… or a global health crisis.


On Saturday, Trump announced on Twitter that he has put his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani in charge of his campaign's long-shot post-election legal challenges. Other people on the team include Joseph diGenova, Victoria Toensing, Sidney Powell, and Jenna Ellis.
  • Giuliani worked with a Russian agent to smear Biden. diGenova and Toensing tried to get the Justice Department to drop charges against corrupt Ukraine oligarch Dmytro Firtash. Powell represents Michael Flynn and champions "deep state" conspiracies. Ellis said gay marriage leads to pedophilia.
NYT: Mr. Trump turned to Mr. Giuliani earlier on Friday in reaction to the latest setback he faced in court, this one relating to votes in Maricopa County, Arizona… A half-dozen other Trump advisers have described Mr. Giuliani’s efforts as counterproductive and said that he was giving the president unwarranted optimism about what could happen… In an Oval Office meeting with aides on Thursday, Mr. Trump put Mr. Giuliani on speakerphone so the others could hear him. He angrily accused the aides of not telling the president the truth
Giuliani’s conspiracy-riddled rant at Four Seasons Total Landscaping was so disastrous that it “scared off many of the lawyers” recruited to argue election-related lawsuits. Politico: “Campaign officials described the episode as disastrous...there are widespread concerns within Trumpworld and GOP circles that Giuliani’s antics are thwarting the president’s legal machinery from within.”
Two major law firms have withdrawn from Trump campaign cases as his legal challenges crumble. Arizona’s largest law firm Snell & Wilmer dumped the RNC and Trump campaign effort to challenge votes in Maricopa County. Porter Wright Morris & Arthur is abandoning Trump’s attempt to block Pennsylvania's popular vote for Joe Biden.
  • In one day (Friday), nine cases meant to attack President-elect Joe Biden's win in key states were denied or dropped - seven in Pennsylvania, one in Arizona, and one in Michigan.
The new federal chief information security officer, Camilo Sandoval, has already taken leave from his day job to participate in a pro-Trump effort to hunt for evidence of voter fraud in the battleground states. The group, Voter Integrity Fund, is a newly formed Virginia-based group that is analyzing ballot data and cold-calling voters. Sandoval was officially appointed on Nov. 4, 2020, but lists his starting date at October on his personal LinkedIn page.
WaPo: Sandoval is part of a hastily convened team led by Matthew Braynard, a data specialist who worked on Trump’s 2016 campaign. Another participant is Thomas Baptiste, an adviser to the deputy secretary of the Interior Department who also took a leave to work on the project. Braynard said in an interview that several other government officials on leave are also assisting the effort, but he declined to identify them.
Media’s role:
  • Facebook Cut Traffic To Leading Liberal Pages Just Before The Election: Liberal page administrators who spoke with BuzzFeed News said that their reach declined by as much as 70%, and still hasn’t recovered.
  • Facebook Live Spread Election Conspiracies And Russian State-Controlled Content Despite Employee Fears: The social network’s live video tool has recommended videos featuring misinformation and the hyperpartisan views of Trump allies leading up to and following election day in the US.
  • In the week after the election, Trump’s postings dominated Facebook, accounting for the 10 most engaged status updates in the United States, and 22 of the top 25. “I WON THIS ELECTION, BY A LOT!” was his top post.
  • YouTube Is Doing Very Little to Stop Election Misinformation From Spreading
  • Social media app Parler receives financial backing from conservative hedge-fund investor Robert Mercer and his daughter Rebekah, The Wall Street Journal reported. Parler turned into a kind of de facto home for conservatives’ protests against the election— including the persistent “Stop the Steal” campaign— after the race was called for former Vice President Joe Biden. Several high-profile conservative social media personalities encouraged people to abandon Twitter and Facebook because of their moderation policies, and instead follow them on Parler.


Emily Murphy, the head of the General Services Administration, still hasn’t signed the official letter that would allow the incoming Biden team to formally begin the transition. House Democrats are assessing options to force the GSA’s hand, which could include summoning Murphy to the Hill to testify or suing her. “Obviously, Congress could file suit against the GSA administrator for failing to do her duty. We could seek to get a court to, in fact, issue an order
Her ascertainment is the legally necessary precursor to the government’s assistance to the Biden-Harris Presidential Transition Team. It releases $6.3 million dollars to the team, which is funded by public and private money; a loan of expanded federal office space and equipment; access to government agencies that will begin sharing information and records about ongoing activities, plans and vulnerabilities; national security briefings for the president; and other support.
  • The Office of the Director of National Intelligence recently confirmed that it is not providing national security briefings to the president-elect. The Defense Department has also reportedly indicated that it will not meet with the Biden-Harris transition team until Murphy formally affirms the apparent winner.
One of the officials fired in Trump’s latest purge was helping prepare for the transition to the new administration. USAID Deputy Administrator Bonnie Glick was removed abruptly to make way for a Trump loyalist after she had been supportive of transition planning, including the preparation of a 440-page manual for the next administration.
The GSA’s refusal to enact the transition has locked Biden’s team out of crucial Covid-19 pandemic data and government agency contacts. The president-elect’s Covid-19 task force has been trying to work around the federal government by connecting with governors and the health community.
  • The head of Operation Warp Speed, Moncef Slaoui, called on the White House to allow contact with the Biden team, saying “It is a matter of life and death for thousands of people.”
White House’s Office of Management and Budget is considering 145 new regulations and other policy changes they could enact before Biden’s inauguration - rules that will be challenging to undo once they are finalized. Critics and supporters of the administration say they expect a final burst of regulations to be finalized in the weeks before Jan. 20.
The rules under development include policies that the incoming Biden administration would probably oppose, such as new caps on the length of foreign student visas; restrictions on the Environmental Protection Agency’s use of scientific research; limits on the EPA’s consideration of the benefits of regulating air pollutants; and a change that would make it easier for companies to treat workers as independent contractors, rather than employees with more robust wage protections.
Last week, both Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and White House trade adviser Peter Navarro said they’re preparing for a second Trump term. “There will be a smooth transition to a second Trump administration,” Pompeo said during a news conference Tuesday afternoon (clip). Pompeo then doubled down on Fox News (clip). “We are moving forward here at the White House under the assumption there will be a second Trump term,” Navarro said on Fox Business Friday (clip).

DOJ interference

Attorney General William Barr stopped career prosecutors in DOJ’s Public Integrity Section from investigating whether President Trump broke any laws related to his conduct with Ukraine last year. The section was initially given the green light to pursue “a potentially explosive inquiry” into Trump, but after the Senate acquitted the president during impeachment proceedings, Barr sent the case to the U.S. attorney’s office in Brooklyn.
Prosecutors in DOJ’s Public Integrity Section were also prevented from bringing charges against former interior secretary Ryan Zinke by political appointees atop the Justice Department. Deputy Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen told prosecutors that they needed to gather more evidence and refine the case against Zinke for lying to Interior investigators.
  • The investigation into Zinke stemmed from his decision to block two Native American tribes—the Mashantucket Pequot and Mohegan—from opening a casino in Connecticut. Zinke’s office had been lobbied heavily by MGM Resorts International, which had been planning to open its own casino very close to where the tribes intended to break ground.
Sixteen assistant U.S. attorneys specially assigned to monitor malfeasance in the 2020 election urged Barr on Friday to rescind his memo allowing election-fraud investigations before results are certified. "It was developed and announced without consulting non-partisan career professionals in the field and at the Department. Finally, the timing of the Memorandum's release thrusts career prosecutors into partisan politics," the prosecutors wrote.
An internal Justice Department investigation found that federal prosecutors who oversaw a controversial non-prosecution deal with Jeffrey Epstein in 2008 exercised “poor judgment” but did not break the law. “They just say he used poor judgment, and that's their way of basically letting everyone off the hook while offering some sort of an olive branch to the victims that we acknowledge weren't treated perfectly,” said Brad Edwards, who sued the DOJ in 2008 on behalf of Epstein accusers.

Immigration news

Eastern District of New York Judge Nicholas Garaufis (Clinton-appointee) ruled that Chad Wolf was not legally serving as acting Homeland Security secretary when he signed rules limiting DACA program applications and renewals. Therefore, in a win for Dreamers and immigration activists, Garaufis said the changes were invalid.
The judge described an illegitimate shuffling of leadership chairs at the Department of Homeland Security, the agency responsible for immigration enforcement, for the predicament of Wolf's leadership and that of his predecessor, Kevin McAleenan.
"Based on the plain text of the operative order of succession," Garaufis wrote in the Saturday ruling, "neither Mr. McAleenan nor, in turn, Mr. Wolf, possessed statutory authority to serve as Acting Secretary. Therefore the Wolf Memorandum was not an exercise of legal authority."
  • There's a renewed push to get Chad Wolf confirmed as Homeland Security secretary -- a position in which he's been serving in an acting capacity for a yearr -- before Inauguration Day. In the past week, Homeland Security officials spoke to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's office about bringing the nomination to a floor vote in the coming weeks.
Within the last six months, as the coronavirus pandemic gripped the US, the Trump administration filed 75 lawsuits to seize private land along the US-Mexico border for the border wall." People right now are having to choose between their health and their homes," said Ricky Garza, a staff attorney at the Texas Civil Rights Project, a legal advocacy group.
After a series of price increases, Trump’s border project will cost taxpayers $20 million per mile of border fence. A review of federal spending data shows more than 200 contract modifications, at times awarded within just weeks or months after the original contracts, have increased the cost of the border wall project by billions of dollars since late 2017.
DHS has expelled unaccompanied immigrant children from the US border more than 13,000 times since March, using the coronavirus as an excuse to deny children their right to asylum. Previously, unaccompanied children were sent to government-run shelters as they attempted to pursue their asylum cases.
Migrant children from Central America are being expelled to Mexico, where they have no family connections. The expulsions not only put children in danger - the policy violates a diplomatic agreement with Mexico that only Mexican children and others who had adult supervision could be pushed back into Mexico after attempting to cross the border.
The House Judiciary Committee released a report on the Trump administration’s policy of separating families at the border, revealing that the federal agency that cares for migrant children was not told about the policy. The chaos contributed to the inability to later reunite parents and children.
The Trump administration is trying to deport several women who allege they were mistreated by a Georgia gynecologist at an immigration detention center. Hours after one detained woman spoke to federal investigators about forced hysterectomies at a Georgia detention center, she said ICE told her that it had lifted a hold on her deportation and she faced “imminent” removal. Six former patients who complained about Dr. Mahendra Amin had already been deported.
Northern District of Illinois Judge Gary Feinerman (Obama-appointee) blocked a key Trump administration policy that allowed officials to deny green cards to immigrants who might need public assistance Advocates who had feared that the policy would harm tens of thousands of poor people, particularly those affected by widespread job loss because of the coronavirus pandemic.


Microsoft said it has detected attempts by state-backed Russian and North Korean hackers to steal valuable data from leading pharmaceutical companies and vaccine researchers. “Among the targets, the majority are vaccine makers that have COVID-19 vaccines in various stages of clinical trials.”
Two census takers told The AP that their supervisors pressured them to enter false information into a computer system about homes they had not visited so they could close cases during the waning days of the once-a-decade national headcount.
The Supreme Court on Tuesday signaled it’s unlikely to tear down Obamacare over a Republican-backed lawsuit challenging the landmark health care law. Chief Justice John Roberts and Trump appointee Justice Brett Kavanaugh strongly questioned whether the elimination of the mandate penalty made the rest of the law invalid. Kavanaugh appeared to signal on several occasions that he favored leaving the rest of the law intact if the mandate is struck.
Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (R) was sued last week by four whistleblowers claiming that he abused his office to benefit himself, a woman with whom he was said to have had an affair, and the wealthy donor who employs her before retaliating against the members of his staff who reported him to the FBI.
The Trump administration is rushing plans to auction drilling rights in the U.S. Arctic National Wildlife Refuge before the inauguration of Biden, who has vowed to block oil exploration in the rugged Alaska wilderness. Biden’s efforts could be complicated if the Trump administration sells drilling rights first. Formally issued oil and gas leases on federal land are government contracts that can’t be easily yanked.
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CASINO ROYALE - MANUAL 4.95X METHOD - BUST OR WIN??? (HIGH RISK) submitted by mzany001 to SmallYTChannel [link] [comments]

[Test Bank] [Solution Manual] [Instructor's Manual] Casinos Organization and CultureChris Roberts, Ph.D.Kathryn Hashimoto, Instructor solution manual with Test Bank

[Test Bank] [Solution Manual] [Instructor's Manual] Casinos Organization and CultureChris Roberts, Ph.D.Kathryn Hashimoto, Instructor solution manual with Test Bank submitted by testbankmanuals to testbankmanual [link] [comments]


CASINO ROYALE - MANUAL 3.96X METHOD - BUST OR WIN??? (MEDIUM RISK) submitted by mzany001 to SmallYTChannel [link] [comments]

20 Overlooked Single Player Indie Games

We're all familiar with the Hotline Miami's, Hollow Knight's, and Celeste's of the world. These are some of the indie games that hit the big time. Of course, for every one of these games, there's 100 other indie games that have been glossed over, relegated to a spot in a digital store few people will ever find themselves in. I wanted to bring attention to some of these lesser known indie games.
I'm going to order them according to Metacritic Critic Ratings. Some of the games at the bottom have pretty low critic ratings. I personally disagree with the low scores of these games, but it's only fair that you hear from more than just me. Keep in mind that games with only one or two User Ratings on Metacritic will not show the score. A game needs at least three User Ratings on Metacritic before the score will be shown. This is not the case for Critic Reviews.
Price will contain the U.S. PlayStation Store link to the game.
1. Hayfever
2. Valfaris
3. Four Sided Fantasy
4. Bleep Bloop
5. Horizon Shift ‘81
6. Daggerhood
7. Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight
8. Ultra Hat Dimension
9. Remothered: Tormented Fathers
10. Reverie
11. Inertial Drift
12. Cursed Castilla (Maldita Castilla EX)
13. Pato Box
14. The Count Lucanor
15. The Bunker
16. A Tale of Paper
17. Late Shift
18. SINNER: Sacrifice for Redemption
19. Verlet Swing
20. Neon Drive
My top 5 on the list in order would be the following: (1.) Hayfever, (2.) Valfaris, (3.) Cursed Castilla: (Maldita Castilla EX), (4.) Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight, and (5.) Bleep Bloop.
Have you played any of these games? What are some other overlooked single player indie games?
If you’re looking for more indie games to play, see my post here:
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CASINO ROYALE - MANUAL 9.9X METHOD - BUST OR WIN??? (HIGH RISK) submitted by mzany001 to SmallYTChannel [link] [comments]


CASINO ROYALE - MANUAL 9.9X METHOD - BUST OR WIN??? (HIGH RISK) submitted by mzany001 to u/mzany001 [link] [comments]

Setting Casio G-Shock DW-5600BB manual 3229 - YouTube Casio G-Shock GW-A1000-1A manual 5240 how to set time ... Casio AQ-S810W 5 Alarms How to set time - YouTube HOW TO SET A CASIO WATCH FULL VIDEO USER'S GUIDE - YouTube Setting Casio AEQ-100W manual for use - YouTube San Manuel Casino - YouTube Setting Casio AQ-180W manual for use - YouTube Setting Casio AE-2000W manual for use - YouTube Casio G-Shock Hand Alignment Fix - YouTube

Innovative products bring joy, create new lifestyle and pave the way for related economies - especially, if they have been developed by CASIO. Experience how creativity becomes contribution. View & download of more than 125 Epiphone PDF user manuals, service manuals, operating guides. Guitar, user manuals, operating guides & specifications Innovative Produkte bringen Freude, gestalten neue Lebenswege und sind wirtschaftliche Wegbereiter - besonders, wenn sie von CASIO entwickelt werden. Erfahren Sie, wie aus Kreativität gesellschaftlicher Beitrag wird. casino is a computer program system for performing quantum Monte Carlo (QMC) electronic struc-ture calculations that has been developed by a group of researchers initially working in the Theory of Condensed Matter group in the Cambridge University physics department, and their collaborators, over more than 20 years. It is capable of calculating incredibly accurate solutions to the Schr odinger ... Für die Anzeige von PDF-Dateien brauchen Sie einen PDF-Reader. Wenn Sie keinen haben, können Sie auf das Banner klicken und einen runterladen. Manual Barcrest: Marco - Mega Chili adp Gauselmann GmbH: Tosh - Monte Casino Manual Theurer: Marco - Red Joker: suchen wir noch - Royal Joker Manual Barcrest / Manual Barcrest: Marco (englisch) / Adiui (deutsch) - Step 1+ Original Manual Tivolino: Housi - Super Bingo: suchen wir noch - Super Cherry 1000 / 500 JPM Manual Escor: Housi - Super ... Smart Outdoor Watch. Electronic Musical Instruments. DJ Products

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Setting Casio G-Shock DW-5600BB manual 3229 - YouTube

Celebrity Watches - https://goo.gl/FDzHVP (russian language)How to set digital time on Casio AW-80D.Casio AW-80D manual 2747 - https://goo.gl/xBVJqFNew Casio... CHECKOUT OUR AMAZON STOREFRONT: https://www.amazon.com/shop/ireviewwatches.comModule No: 3198 3299 User's Manual AE-1000W*Timekeeping*World Time*Alarms*Count... How to set time Casio AQ-S810WWatch SettingsНастройка часов Casio AQ-S810W#настройка #касио #часы #5 #how #to #set #casio #aqs810w #the #time #watch #setting... More interesting watches - https://goo.gl/gQ8fokSetting Casio AE-2000W manual for use Casio AE 2000w set time on Japan digital watches. In this video, we c... Celebrity Watches - https://goo.gl/FDzHVP (russian language) In this video we consider how to set time on Casio G-Shock GW-A1000FC: how to set time and full ... Celebrity Watches - https://goo.gl/FDzHVP (russian language)G-Shock real or fake: how to spot - https://goo.gl/BsHTWgNew Casio G-Shock 2018 - https://goo.gl/... Friends, visit my dealer shop - https://www.g-store.ru/g-classic/ga_800_4a/?utm_source=ofworldwatchesFull Review DW-5600BB - https://goo.gl/GFdHGB☑ Others wa... More interesting watches - https://goo.gl/gQ8fokSetting Casio AEQ-100W How to set time Casio AEQ-100W-1AVEF. In this video we consider at the full correct ... Although it should be rare, it is possible that the hands on an analog/digital watch will drift out of alignment with the digital time display. If the analog... Always open. Always exhilarating. We are gaming excitement. We are #AllThrill. Must be 21 & over. Please gamble responsibly. 1-800-Gambler. http://bit.ly/2dZKML9